YA Book Gift Guide for the (Kick-Butt) Princess in Your Life

Shopping for loved ones is HARD. 

You want to get them something unique. Something fun. Something exciting. Something they’ll actually use.

If you’ve been scratching your head trying to find the perfect gift for a special someone in your life – and if that special someone happens to love reading – then I’ve got you covered.

I’ve put together a list of books featuring royalty – perfect for the princess in your life!

But these heroines are anything but delicate.

They’re rebellious and fierce.

And they’ll have you’re loved one HOOKED.

Please note that these are affiliate links, which means I get a small percentage if you click through and make a purchase – at no additional cost to you!

1. The Selection Series by Keira Cass

This series makes for a spectacular gift for teens and fans of YA books. It’s like The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games in the best way possible. They’re romantic, but there’s definitely a dystopian vibe going on, too.

At the time of publishing this list, you can grab the first four books in the series for just $25.81 – not bad for HOURS of entertainment.

2. The Vampire Wish Series by Michelle Madow

If you’re shopping for someone who is a fan of Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, then look no further. The Vampire Wish Series is my latest obsession.

It’s fast-paced, fun and totally YA-friendly.

Best of all? Right now you can grab the complete set in paperback for only $21.79!

3. Red Queen 4-Book Series by Victoria Aveyard

This #1 NYT bestselling series would make a perfect gift for fans of Game of Thrones. And the hardback editions would make for some epic #bookstagram photos. (And we all know how vital it is to snap the perfect Instagram pic!)

Right now, you can grab the hardback editions of all four books for $48.16.

3. The Aermian Feuds Series by Frost Kay

Frost Kay’s debut series The Aermian Feuds is written in the vein of Sarah J. Mass and George R. R. Martin. This book has 175+ 5-star reviews

As the blurb says: Rebellion never looked so seductive…

And right now you can grab the paperback version for $12.99.

4. Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

The final book in this epic series released this month, and fans have been going crazy over it! You can now buy the complete set, which would make an amazing gift. The hardcover collection is a bit of an investment ($151.92  at the time of assembling this list) – but have you SEEN these books? They’re HUGE! And the set even comes with an exclusive poster.

5. Empire of Talents Series by Jordan Rivet

This fresh new fantasy series features frivolous royals and shapeshifters. And that cover? Don’t even get me started.

Do I need to say more?

YA readers are sure to fall in love with this addicting series where nothing is as it seems.

That rounds out the list of top YA books featuring royals! If you enjoyed this list and are looking for another book featuring a kick-butt princess, you might also want to check out my book, Fate Abandoned.

She’s a sword-wielding princess.
He’s the outlaw who kidnapped her.
They should be enemies, but he might be the key to finding her brother – and herself.

Princess Daphne is sick of being treated as the king’s pawn. So even though she’s supposed to be hanging back at the castle and choosing a suitor, she doesn’t hesitate to follow her brother on a treacherous quest. Especially after learning there’s a prophecy predicting his death.

She devises a plan and sets out with her maidservant to rescue him – which seems like a great idea until they’re kidnapped by outlaws.

But Daphne’s not one to give up so easily. Realizing that aligning with their captors might just guarantee their success, she cuts a deal with the dangerously charming Gregory.

Forced to work together against impossible odds, she and Gregory learn that they need each other more than they knew. And as they race to save the prince, Daphne must decide if she’s willing to give up everything she’s ever known for a love she never expected…

Fate Abandoned features a fierce heroine and characters that will stay with you long after you finish reading. Grab your copy today to get swept away in this fast-paced fantasy adventure.

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