Top Facebook Groups for Indie Authors

I’ve mentioned before that the indie author community is a powerful resource. Indies are known for helping lift each other up and sharing what they’ve learned along their journeys so that others can find success, too. Here are a handful of Facebook groups open to indie authors. You’ll find these groups to be welcoming and encouraging – but before you post a question, be sure to search the groups first. Chances are, many people have had the exact same question and it has been answered many times.

Oh – and the number one rule across these groups? No self promo. You’re talking to other authors who all want people to buy their books, too. But finding readers is NOT what these groups are for. They’re for helping each other learn and grow. Trying to sell your book to fellow community members is a quick way to get your post deleted – and yourself removed from the groups.

20BooksTo50K – Run by the powerhouse that is Michael Anderle and his amazing team, being a part is this group is practically a must for any indie author. You will find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had and be able to cheer on others’ successes as they post photos of them typing “the end” on their manuscripts – often photographed alongside a celebratory drink!

SPF Community – Ok, I realize I’m starting to sound like a walking advertisement for Mark Dawson, but there’s a reason you hear him come up so often in the indie community. His SPF Community group is open to indie authors and is a great place to find support, encouragement and answers to your questions. (But again – remember to search the group first to see if your question has already been answered!)

The Blurb Exchange – This is a fairly new group, but I think you will find it to be a valuable resource. If there’s one thing indie authors are known for complaining about, it’s writing blurbs. It’s amazing how we can write 80k+ words in a book, but that little bitty blurb can be complete torture to write. How are you supposed to summarize your masterpiece in a few paragraphs – and make it sound interesting enough that people want to buy it?! In comes The Blurb Exchange. The premise is simple: you help other authors with their blurbs first, and then you post your blurb and get their feedback.

Once you’ve joined these groups, you’ll quickly find that there are all kinds of specialized groups for the particular genre you’re writing in. As a YA sci-fi and fantasy author, I have found AAYAA, SFF Book Bonanza and SF/F Cross Promo Bulletin Board extremely helpful.

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