The New Paranormal Romance Series You Need to Read Before Everyone Else

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you already know that to say I’m obsessed with vampire books is a massive understatement (after all, I am writing an entire vampire series right now!).

But when I saw the cover for Bearly Married, the prequel novella to the Shift series, I just had to pick up a copy. And I’m so glad that I did because I may have just stumbled upon a new favorite author!

As the name and cover suggest, Bearly Married is a story about bear shifters. But really, it’s a breathtakingly beautiful romance between Christine and the swoon-worthy Alexandre. You’ll be rooting for them from the start, and while the romance was my favorite part, there are some great action scenes, too! (There is definitely some steam, so be aware of that before picking up a copy. )

I don’t know if other readers struggle with this, but a lot of times when I pick up a book, it takes a good few chapters to get in the flow of the author’s writing. But this was NOT the case with this book. The writing flows so smoothly that I found myself totally lost in the story.

If the rest of this series is half as good as the prequel, readers will not be able to devour it fast enough. I can’t wait to read Trust the Wolf next! I guess I’m officially a fan of shifter books now. 🙂

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