Now on Pre-Order: Fangs and Fortune (Vampires of Crescent Cape Book 2)

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I am beyond excited to share that Fangs and Fortune, the second book in the Vampires of Crescent Cape series, is now available on pre-order.

This book has been INSANELY fun to write and is filled with some crazy twists I think readers are going to love.

Go ahead and snag your copy now – and if you haven’t already done so, be sure to read Curses and Crowns first! This series is meant to be read in sequential order.

A cut-throat competition.
A romance to die for.

Danielle Parker’s life was a dream. Until it became a living nightmare.

Ripped of her memories of how she was kidnapped from her family, Danielle is whisked away to the mystical Crescent Cape—a kingdom ruled by vampires, where she is to live out her human life as a blood slave.

She’s not going down without a fight.

But her plans are thwarted when she’s selected to compete for the prince’s heart.

The winner will be turned into a vampire and taken as his bride. And the losers’ blood will be fed to the princess-to-be to complete her transition.

As much as she’s disgusted by the idea of the competition, and as dangerous as Prince Aiden is, she can’t deny her attraction to him—or to his troubled brother, Julian.

Will she be able to resist the brothers’ charms? Or will she find herself pulled into the dangerous world of the vampires of Crescent Cape?

A romantic and thrilling new series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Perfect for fans of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and The Selection.

Book Review: The Vampire War by Michelle Madow

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The Vampire War is the fifth and final book in The Vampire Wish series, and oh my goodness! It did not disappoint.

I flew through the book. Madow expertly crafted competing storylines and weaved them together for the final book so beautifully. I think anyone who read the previous books will find it to be a satisfying conclusion.

What’s more, it’s the perfect lead-in to the next book in the overarching Dark World series, The Angel Trials.

Normally, I wouldn’t be drawn to a book about angels. I’ve never read one and honestly didn’t even know that was a thing in urban fantasy until recently. But since I’m already familiar with the characters from The Vampire Wish series, I’m curious enough to keep reading.

And, let’s face it – this will be the third series of Madow’s that I’ve read. Based on her other work, I know it won’t disappoint.

The Best Supernatural Villains of All Time

Villains... There are some we love to hate and some we just plain love. Today, we're chatting about our all-time favorite paranormal romance villains. #pnr #paranormalromance #pnrbooks #amreading #romance #vampires

Yeah, yeah. Heroes are great and all.

But today, we’re talking about villains.

They say that villains often see themselves as the heroes of the stories, which is part of what makes them so fascinating.

Today, my fellow paranormal romance authors and I are discussing our absolute favorite villains and what makes us love to hate them (or just plain love them!).

Question: Who is your favorite supernatural villain of all time and why?

Without a doubt, Klaus Mikaelson is my favorite supernatural villain. He had a compelling backstory and he was fiercely protective over the people he cared about. 

I don’t want to give anything away for anyone who hasn’t finished watching The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but I’ll just say that he had an AMAZING character arc and I was crying like a baby during the entire last season of The Originals. 

Submitted by L. Danvers, Author of Blood Heirs

The only thing supernatural about her was that she was cursed to live forever, but I loved Delphine LaLaurie in American Horror Story Coven. She was a wretched, awful person who deserved everything she got in that show, but the writing was so good that I found myself feeling sorry for her at times.

As soon as I reminded myself who she was, I could wipe away any sympathy I felt for her, but she was a great villain.

Submitted by Carrie Pulkinen, Author of Sweet Release 

Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was so witty and sexy without being over-the-top evil and ended up teaming with her by the end of the season. He had feelings and motivations that made sense to me, and of course became a series regular so we got to see a lot more of him, but his villain run in season 2 with Drusilla was just a blast to watch. Those two had some insane chemistry!

Submitted by Anya J Cosgrove, Author of Lost Boy

Death from Supernatural is definitely my favorite. He’s just an entity trying to do the job handed to him, and he gets a bad rap as the head reaper, when he’s really just the guardian of the natural order. He just wants to find a decent deep dish pizza and to ferry the dead where they belong, but the Winchesters are incessantly messing him up. He’s singularly unimpressed with the antics of the world around him and sees it all as inconsequential in the Grand scheme of things. I’ll spare the spoilers for those who have never seen the show, but while he might not be truly a villain, he’s a dark neutral that I adored more with every word that left his mouth.

Submitted by Harper L. Jameson, Author of The Conduit

My ultimate supernatural villain is Loki. He’s so bad he’s good and I never can quite figure out if he actually has a heart of gold buried somewhere deep or will he ultimately screw Thor over.

Submitted by Selena Blake, Author of Ready & Willing

My favourite super villain of all time would have to be Thanos from the Marvel Cinemas world. He destroyed half of the universe’s population with essentially just one hand. Like all villains, they believe they are the heroes of their story. Thanos believed he was making the universe a better place to live that didn’t include people not having to starve anymore because now there would be plenty of resources to go around.

But from the Marvel Comics world, he destroys half the universe to impress Death, who he has fallen in love with. So he is also a romantic at heart. Making him quite the complex fellow. Even villains need love. 

Submitted by Jessica Gleave, Author of Helios and Zelena, Prequel in the Sky Realm series 

Yikes! This might be harder than picking a favorite book boyfriend–I do so love me the baddies. I debated picking Loki (because, um, hello), but in the end, I have to go with the great and glorious villain who sparked my lifelong love of the bad guys: Maleficent. Everything about her, from her fierce head-horns (shared with Loki, possibly a theme?) to her raven to her brilliant, badass smile just sucked child-me right in. Here was someone fascinating. More than Prince Charmings or fairy godmothers, I imagined Maleficent’s backstory and I wondered what would have happened if she’d stayed a dragon and found herself a fire-breathing friend. And I love how the later live-action movie dug into that backstory and let Maleficent be the anti-hero I always knew her to be. 

Submitted by Dee J Holmes, Author of An Inheritance of Curses

New Releases in YA Paranormal Romance

Looking for a brand new YA paranormal romance to sink your teeth into? You might enjoy these new releases.

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Even the bad boys need saving sometimes…

Read Illuminate by Sarah Addison-Fox today.

Fans of Harry Potter and Twilight, get ready for a world unlike any other! A secret school for shape shifters, a monarchy of vampires determined to exterminate them and take over the world, and a coalition of human hunters dedicated to protecting the world from both.

Read Shifted: Siren Prophecy 1 today!

The New Paranormal Romance Series You Need to Read Before Everyone Else

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you already know that to say I’m obsessed with vampire books is a massive understatement (after all, I am writing an entire vampire series right now!).

But when I saw the cover for Bearly Married, the prequel novella to the Shift series, I just had to pick up a copy. And I’m so glad that I did because I may have just stumbled upon a new favorite author!

As the name and cover suggest, Bearly Married is a story about bear shifters. But really, it’s a breathtakingly beautiful romance between Christine and the swoon-worthy Alexandre. You’ll be rooting for them from the start, and while the romance was my favorite part, there are some great action scenes, too! (There is definitely some steam, so be aware of that before picking up a copy. )

I don’t know if other readers struggle with this, but a lot of times when I pick up a book, it takes a good few chapters to get in the flow of the author’s writing. But this was NOT the case with this book. The writing flows so smoothly that I found myself totally lost in the story.

If the rest of this series is half as good as the prequel, readers will not be able to devour it fast enough. I can’t wait to read Trust the Wolf next! I guess I’m officially a fan of shifter books now. 🙂

Oh. And best of all? You can read Bearly Married for free by joining Ashwood’s newsletter.

Paranormal Romance Authors Reveal Which Powers They Wish They Had

If you're as obsessed with paranormal romance books as we are, then you've probably spent more time than you'd like to admit imagining what it'd be like to have supernatural powers. Click to see what abilities your favorite PNR authors wish they had!

Have you ever thought about what supernatural power you wish you had?

As paranormal romance authors, we spend a lot of time thinking and writing about all sorts of powers and abilities.

Like, probably more than we’d like to admit.

So, just for kicks, we thought we’d share which paranormal abilities we’d love to have!

Question: If you could have the abilities of any paranormal creature (vampire, werewolf, witch, dragon, etc.), what would you choose and why?

So, as much as I love vampires, I’d have to go with having magic on this one.

I think I’d be a very boring witch, though. I’d be using my powers to do everyday tasks. Dishes? Done. Laundry? Handled. Forgot to grab milk at the grocery store? No worries! It’s in the fridge. 

Thankfully, the characters in my stories are much more adventurous than I am!

Submitted by L. Danvers, Author of Blood Heirs

I love werewolves but I think I’d have to be a witch. I have a fairly sassy personality so I think it’d be great fun to tease people with my powers. And if I can get the mop to clean the house without me, all the better!

Submitted by Selena Blake, Author of Ready & Willing

My favorite shifters are wolves, but I would love to have psychic abilities. Telekinesis, clairvoyance, astral projection, energy manipulation, any or all of those.

Submitted by Erin St. Charles, Author of Close Enough to Love

I love my PNR characters. I write about shifters (cat-shifters and wolf-shifters) and vampires. But if I could chose to be anything, I would probably pick witch. I am a huge fan of Charmed (the original), and even though Paige was half whitelighter, I wish I could orb. Oh, the time I would save. Plus, telekinesis would be awesome too.

Submitted by R.L. Kenderson, Author of Forbidden Blood (Forbidden #1) 

I’d choose to be a dragon because they can fly, have pretty scaled armor, breathe fire and hoard books. (Dragons don’t really need gold or gems…they are lumpy and cold to sleep on.)

Submitted by Beth Caudill, Paranormal Romance Author

Okay, I would love to be a powerful witch who can cast spells. I would love to be able to do things like move things without touching them, teleport or even fly.

Submitted by Alicia Montgomery, Author of The Last Blackstone Dragon

I’d choose to be one of the vampires in my world. Mortal beings with long lives (think of all the history they get to witness) and the ability to travel miles in seconds via the space between dimensions. Who needs sunlight?

Submitted by Miranda Jameson, Author of Berlin Nocturne

I would love to be something that could fly. I can’t really picture myself as a dragon, but maybe some kind of falcon or hawk shifter would be cool! Having other powers is tempting, too–like the longevity of vampires, and the magical powers of witches. Maybe I could be one of those hybrid species that gets the best of everything. 🙂

Submitted by Liza Street, Author of Fierce Heartbreaker

Dragons have shapeshifting powers and magic depending on the world. Otherwise, a vampire with a daylight ring or amulet.

Submitted by Vivian Lane, Paranormal Romance Author

The ninjas in my series have nature based magic. One of them is a shapeshifter, who can shift into a creature she has had contact with. I think that’s the kind of power I’d like to have–but I think it would lead to some devious, different sort of thinking! 🙂

Submitted by D.M. Marlowe, Paranormal Romance Author

The YA Paranormal Romance You Need To Read Immediately

V Games is the first book in Caroline Peckham’s exciting YA paranormal romance series The Vampire Games. And let me tell you – I absolutely loved it.

Like most readers, when I see something being compared to The Hunger Games, I’m a bit skeptical.

But y’all

After reading it, I’m telling you it’s a totally fair comparison.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I get a small amount of money if you click through and make a purchase (at no extra cost to you).

It’s like The Hunger Games on steroids… with vampires. But in its own totally unique way.

The whole premise was fascinating, the characters were well developed, the quality of writing is phenomenal. I can’t recommend it enough.

If you’re into reading books about vampires, you do NOT want to miss this one.

Enjoy this review? Check out my other book reviews here.

New Release Roundup: YA Paranormal Romance

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Here’s a selection of some of the latest new releases in YA paranormal romance.

She didn’t want an Alpha,
but Destiny had other plans…

Click here to read His Mate by Anna Santos.

Everything is quiet in the magnificent halls of the Sapphire Palace but Eira is not deluded into thinking her struggles are over.

Click here to read On Wings of Doom by Ginny Clyde.

Four supposed soulmates. One persistent Light Angel. A power she can’t control.

Click here to read Hunted by the Fallen by Samantha Britt.

Nighttide has come and with it demons who prowl the darkened streets, killing those who stray from safety.

Click here to read Song of Nighttide by Megan O’Russell.


And don’t forget, my YA-friendly PNR book Curses and Crowns is on pre-order now for only $0.99!  You can snag the deal here.

New Releases in Paranormal Romance

Here are the latest new releases in paranormal romance books. Enjoy!

Please note that these are affiliate links, which means I get a small percentage if you click through and make a purchase – at no additional cost to you!

Four brothers seek one woman. Mission: revenge. Enjoy the latest paranormal romance by Shelley Munro today. #pnr #pnrbooks #paranormal romance #werewolves #werewolfbooks

Four brothers seek one woman. Mission: revenge.

Read Renee’s Mates by Shelley Munro today.

He needed a mate. She wanted a fling. Enjoy paranormal romance? Check out Icing on His Mate by Michelle Ziegler today! #pnr #pnrbooks #paranormal romance #werewolves #werewolfbooks

He needed a mate. She wanted a fling.

Read Icing On His Mate by Michelle Ziegler today.

More than 20 award-winning and bestselling authors have come together to curate this bewitching boxed set collection of the best PARANORMAL ROMANCE and URBAN FANTASY books in the genre, each brimming with stories of royal magic. Enjoy this multi-author bundle of paranormal romance and urban fantasy titles today. #witches #booksaboutroyalty #witchlit #paranormalromance #pnr #pnrbooks #urbanfantasy

Willful witches, supernatural sorcerers, cruel queens, and powerful priestesses fall out of favor and rise to rule in this highly sought-after collection of spellbinding stories!

Grab this multi-author box set including a story from Tanya Dawson today!

A newborn witch is hunted for her blood. Two smoking-hot brothers teach her how to survive. Can she unravel their dark secrets? Read Shadow Walker by Anya Cosgrove today! #witchlit #booksaboutwitches #pnr #paranormalromance #paranormalromancebooks

A newborn witch is hunted for her blood. Two smoking-hot brothers teach her how to survive. Can she unravel their dark secrets?

Read Shadow Walker by Anya J. Cosgrove today!

A cut-throat competition. A romance to die for. Grab your copy of Curses and Crowns (Vampires of Crescent Cape Book 1) today! #paranormalromance #pnrbooks #yabooks #yapnr #vampire books

A cut-throat competition.
A romance to die for.

Grab Curses and Crowns by L. Danvers today!

Top Gift Ideas for Readers According to Authors

Looking for some fun gift ideas for the avid readers in your life?

Good news. You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve teamed up with some fellow authors to share our picks for the perfect gifts (in a variety of price ranges!) for readers to cozy up with. The only other thing they’ll need is a great book.

Without further ado, here is our roundup of the top gift ideas for readers:

Please note that these are affiliate links, which means I get a small percentage if you click through and make a purchase – at no additional cost to you!

Huhuhero Fineliner Color Pen Set

These color pens are perfect for bullet journaling, coloring and notetaking in general. At just $6.98, they come in a 10-pack of vivid colors.  They write smoothly and are just plain fun!

Product suggested by L. Danvers, YA Paranormal Romance Author

Literary Candles

Have you ever seen anything so adorable? These bookish candles feature custom scents designed to evoke fond memories of your favorite literary tales – from Sherlock Holmes to Jane Eyre. Sixteen bucks for a gift your loved one will rave about? Yes, please!

Product suggested by Cecelia Mecca, Paranormal Romance Author

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

This gift is on the high end, price wise, but as I have several loved ones who live far away, I love the idea behind it and it seems like a lovely way to touch their heart!

Product suggested by D.M. Marlowe, Paranormal Romance Author

I Love Reading Fleece Luxury Blanket

Know an avid reader who simply wants to snuggle up with a good book and be left alone? Then this blanket is sure to make them smile. (Mental note to self: do not mess with L.G. Castillo when she’s reading.)

Product suggested by L.G. Castillo, Paranormal Romance Author

Mismatched Fingerless Mittens

Keeping your hands warm doesn’t have to be boring. These fingerless gloves are colorful with a bit of whimsy. Perfect for long winter nights.

Product suggested by Beth Caudill, Paranormal Romance Author

Aqua Love Notes Waterproof Notepad

Since I do all my best thinking in the shower…

Product suggested by Shelley Munro, Paranormal Romance Author


We hope you found this list helpful. We’d love to know – are any of these products on your Christmas wish list this year? Let us know in the comments below.