Character Interview: Daphne from Fate Abandoned

Hi there! For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I’m L. Danvers. I’m a YA author and have ventured into a variety of genres, from science fiction to paranormal romance.

Today, I wanted to share a character interview I did with the heroine from Fate Abandoned, a YA epic fantasy series I wrote that’s perfect for fans of books with kick-butt young women who do the saving. There’s a little something for everyone. Action. Adventure. Romance. You name it.

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Daphne is the princess of Vires, an ancient kingdom which values tradition above all else. However, our heroine is anything but traditional. Which makes things… complicated.

She also happens to be one of my favorite characters I’ve written.

Today, we’ll take a look at Daphne’s story – what made her the kick-butt princess she is before the series begins (so no worries, there won’t be any spoilers!)…

L: Let’s start with the basics, Daphne. How old are you?
Daphne: I’ll be turning eighteen next week.

L: Oh, wow! Happy early birthday. Hmm. I notice you’re not looking particularly excited about it. Why is that?
Daphne: How would you feel if your twin got to go off on a quest to prove his worthiness of the throne while you were forced to stay at the castle and choose a suitor?

L: Well, considering I am not particularly adventurous, I don’t think I would mind too much. But I can see it bothers you. I take it none of the suitors have captured your interest…
Daphne: They’re decent enough, I suppose. But I’m not interested in marrying for power. I want to marry for love.

L: That’s admirable. Did your parents marry for love?
Daphne: No, but they were fortunate. They were madly in love. But these suitors my father has chosen for me… like Sir Hartley, for instance… Let’s say that a life with any of them is not the life I want for myself.

L: Let’s talk about your early years. What’s one of your favorite memories?
Daphne: That one’s easy. When most of the castle was fast asleep, my mother would sneak me and my brother downstairs. She’d have Phillip teach me everything he’d learned in his sword-fighting lessons. I was a quick learner. I can’t say as much regarding his sewing skills.

L: Are you and Phillip close?
Daphne: I love him dearly, but we don’t always see eye to eye. He takes after our father, and I take after our mother.

L: I see. Tell me, what’s one of your greatest fears?
Daphne: Losing the people I love. Losing my mother was one of the hardest things I ever went through. I’m terrified of the thought of going through that again.

L: I imagine that must have been very hard on you and your brother. Finally, I’d like to close with a more lighthearted question. What’s one word most people would use to describe you?
Daphne: Hard-headed. Without question, hard-headed.

Princess Daphne fears her destiny is sealed… until a twist of fate changes everything.

In a mystical kingdom, a sorceress reveals a prophecy: the prince’s quest is doomed. 

The prediction makes Daphne’s blood run cold. Because after losing her mother, she can’t risk losing her brother, too. 

Not one to sit back and do nothing, the hard-headed princess takes matters into her own hands. Under the veil of night, she flees the castle, venturing on a quest of her own to save him.

She’ll do anything to bring him home alive – even if that means cutting a deal with the dangerously charming outlaw who kidnaps her. 

In their trials, the unlikely pair will have to learn to work together as they face off against beasts, brutes and bandits… 

But the biggest threat may have been lurking in the castle all along.


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