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She’s a sword-wielding princess.
He’s the outlaw who kidnapped her.
They should be enemies, but he might be the key to finding her brother – and herself.


Princess Daphne is sick of being treated as the king’s pawn. So even though she’s supposed to be hanging back at the castle and choosing a suitor, she doesn’t hesitate to follow her brother on a treacherous quest. Especially after learning there’s a prophecy predicting his death.She devises a plan and sets out with her maidservant to rescue him – which seems like a great idea until they’re kidnapped by outlaws.

But Daphne’s not one to give up so easily. Realizing that aligning with their captors might just guarantee their success, she cuts a deal with the dangerously charming Gregory.

Forced to work together against impossible odds, she and Gregory learn that they need each other more than they knew. And as they race to save the prince, Daphne must decide if she’s willing to give up everything she’s ever known for a love she never expected…

She’ll do anything for the man she loves.
Even if that means marrying his brother in order to save him.

Exchanging her white gown for a black one, Princess Daphne returns to the castle for a funeral, leaving Gregory behind. But the body count quickly rises, and there’s no question as to who’s behind it.

Sir Hartley presents her with a sinister choice: marry him or have Gregory’s head delivered to her on a platter. With Gregory’s fate in her hands, Daphne surrenders to the life her father had planned for her, swearing herself to Sir Hartley. It’s not long, though, before his reign of terror begins.

No longer able to stand witness to these horrors, Daphne devises a plan to overthrow her tyrannical husband. But he’ll do anything to try to keep his place on the throne. Even if that means killing her.

One newly crowned queen. One giant problem.

On the heels of reclaiming the kingdom from Hartley, Daphne learns the giants are planning an attack. Vires has already seen much bloodshed, and Daphne isn’t sure her army alone is enough to fend off another strike. But there is one hope of defending the castle: rumor has it that there is one last dragon in existence. However, in a cruel twist of fate, the only person who can help her find it is the very man she reclaimed her kingdom from.

Left to choose between pride and duty, Daphne puts her trust in Hartley. But will that prove to be a grave mistake?

What if the story you were writing took on a life of its own?

Writing was my escape from life in foster care. But I never imagined the new pen I found would unlock a portal to the chaotic alternate universe in my story.

Now my pen’s back on Earth, and I’m here on the Kryptos–a spaceship headed for the volatile Quadrant Four. And after a series of deadly attacks, I’m assigned the task of figuring out who’s behind them.

No pressure, right?

But I’m determined to get to the bottom of it. Because I finally feel like I belong–and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my new family and friends.

I wrote the first part of the story. But without my pen, will I find the power within me to shape how it ends?

A new portal.
A mysterious stranger.
A killer discover.

When the Alliance recruits my friends and I for a new investigative unit, our mission is simple: find Thoraq. But things take an unexpected turn when a second portal opens and a new passenger boards the Kryptos.

In an effort to gather intel, we welcome Lucas into our group. But while I question his motives, Amy reminds me that I was once a newcomer here, too.

Still, I can’t help but feel like he’s hiding something…

Could he be the key to ending the chaos erupting across the Four Quadrants?

Or could he betray us all?


A young journalist follows her instincts, landing herself on a new planet facing her worst fears.

Cal is unapologetically curious. So when people start disappearing under mysterious circumstances, she jumps at the chance to write the investigative piece of a lifetime. Too bad her boss kills the story—and fires her.

But when her own sister vanishes, Cal is determined to uncover the truth. Even if that means joining a top-secret mission to space.

In her quest for answers, Cal unravels a dangerous secret. And what she does next will put the whole planet in jeopardy…


Following a broken engagement, Eden Clarke arrives in Twining Hills hoping to make a fresh start. All she wants is to get her party planning business up and running before the holidays. She hopes that will help keep her mind off of being dumped for her fiancé’s childhood friend weeks before the wedding.

But minutes after she pulls into the small town, her car breaks down, and the charming Jake Sinclair comes to her rescue. Things seem to be looking up for her until she meets Jake’s bubbly blonde best friend. Afraid of being second-best yet again, she pours her heart into organizing the fall festival food drive.

Will Eden be able to keep her distance from Jake, or will she find there are some things she can’t run away from?