Book Review: The Vampire War by Michelle Madow

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The Vampire War is the fifth and final book in The Vampire Wish series, and oh my goodness! It did not disappoint.

I flew through the book. Madow expertly crafted competing storylines and weaved them together for the final book so beautifully. I think anyone who read the previous books will find it to be a satisfying conclusion.

What’s more, it’s the perfect lead-in to the next book in the overarching Dark World series, The Angel Trials.

Normally, I wouldn’t be drawn to a book about angels. I’ve never read one and honestly didn’t even know that was a thing in urban fantasy until recently. But since I’m already familiar with the characters from The Vampire Wish series, I’m curious enough to keep reading.

And, let’s face it – this will be the third series of Madow’s that I’ve read. Based on her other work, I know it won’t disappoint.