I’m L. Danvers. My goal as an author is to offer you an escape from reality—one where you can explore new worlds, go on daring adventures, fight the bad guys and fall in love… all from the comfort of a cozy chair.

I’ve been writing since I can remember, but I finally had the guts to hit “publish” in 2016, and I haven’t looked back. I do genre-hop a bit, but everything falls under sci-fi and fantasy. What can I say? I enjoy spending my days creating and destroying worlds.

I write what I like to read, so my books have memorable characters, tons of action and are real page-turners. And, of course, there’s a little romance in there, too. You have to have someone to fangirl over, right? And the best part? My books are all suitable for YA and adult readers alike.

I enjoy connecting with readers! You can follow me on social media here: