5 Kick-Butt YA Heroines I’m Totally Obsessed With

Everyone loves a strong female lead, and these YA books deliver! Here are my top five favorite heroines from YA books.

Katniss Everdeen: I mean… duh. The Hunger Games was the first series I practically devoured. And much of that was because Katniss was such a fascinating character. She’s clever, resourceful and skilled with a bow and arrow. Oh, and she leads a revolution. That’s pretty kick-butt in my book.

Tris Prior: As a general rule, whenever I’m talking about how much I love the Divergent series, I’m really just talking about how much I love the first and second books. If you read the third, you probably know why. That aside, Tris is practically the definition of a strong female lead. She’s physically strong and has a strong moral compass, too.

Cassie Sullivan:  Cassie is fiercely protective of her little brother. And the girl faces off against ALIENS. Need I say more?

Cinder: Cinder was a fascinating spin on the classic fairy tale. A cyborg Cinderella? Yes, please! She’s smart. She’s self-sufficient. She’s good at fixing things. And she’s full of sass.

Charlotte Holmes: Charlotte may not be leading uprisings or fighting aliens, but her clever deduction skills make her an incredibly strong female lead. I mean… she’s descended from Sherlock Holmes! And sleuthing skills definitely run in the family.


That wraps up my Top 5. And if you’re looking for your next favorite kick-butt heroine, be sure to check out Daphne in Fate Abandoned. She’s not afraid to stand up to authority. She’s amazing with a sword. And she’s determined to save her brother when he ventures on a doomed quest.

What other heroines should be on the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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